The Vision

Dear reader*,

the idea about our project popped up a long time ago. We are surrounded by so many images, so many lifestyles, ideas and ideologies that it becomes a real task to find yourself and place your personality in this contemporary world. A world where everyone wants to be different, searching for a community to fit in. The struggle is real!

Yes, it may sound very cliché but when you think about it – it is the simple truth. This is why we decided to make an art platform that belongs to the people* and is controlled by them! We offer a solution for those who are struggling to find themselves and place their ideas somewhere in space. Our space is different from others not only because we are no judges but because we push and motivate newcomer artists to present their work on how they feel about sexuality, body image, equality and acceptance. 

We want to enable young creators to share their works with a community that cares and is build upon trust. We trust our users to be role models to each other and respect the community’s spirit!  

Music, food, jewellery, photographs, sketches, paintings – the spectrum doesn’t end just there! We are open for innovation!

Become a part! #ArtYourself and help others discover their passion!

xoxo Love

your artyourself team