Get To Know Us



Photograph by: Veselin Stefanov  // from right to left Vjara, Christina, Ioanna


Christina finished her Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications at the University of Vienna and is now continuing her journey with cultural management in Vienna. As a kid she always preferred spending her time in museums and galleries where she sat on the floor looking at artworks searching for a deeper meaning. It was just a silly mind game but with the years she came to understand that this was her passion. Christina is a passionate writer and discovered her talent for writing as a youngster: One of her biggest dreams is to publish a book with the poems and stories she wrote in English, German and Bulgarian. She worked for some of the big players in the E-Commerce and HR branches but found herself wanting more from life. This is why she came up with this project alongside with Vjara.

She, on the other hand, studied  Theater, Film and Media Science at University of Vienna and is now finishing her Master’s degree in the same field. Vjara was always passionate about topics such as gender equality, acceptance and sexuality. Throughout her time in Vienna she worked as a part of the organisation team for Transition Film Festival Vienna, Porn Film Festival Vienna and Maker Fair Vienna. Vjara cares deeply about the environment and therefore she is part of one of the most important (and biggest) ecological events not only in Vienna but in the whole country – The Südwind Straßenfest. She expresses herself through dancing, has won multiple competitions and is passionate about theater! Her time came to start a project on her own – #ArtYourself!

Together, Christina and Vjara want to take you on a wonderful journey of building a platform for newcomer artists, whose works make a difference! Join them and #ArtYourself!